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The Return Of The Ridgeline

2016 ridgeline


Honda has announced that the Ridgeline would no longer be in production by the end of 2014. Many people familiar with the model were devastated. Not to worry; a new design is on its way, just sit tight and relax. For a while it looked like the Honda Ridgeline would disappear from the market completely with the demise of most compact and mid-sized trucks. Honda has decided to challenge the death of midsized trucks and revive the industry. Honda has announced that they will be developing an all new platform for the next generation of the Ridgeline scheduled to appear the end of 2015.

Honda has released a cryptic sketch (profile only) of the Ridgeline outlining the design direction they will be using on the new generation. From the sketch we can see that the Ridgeline will keep its unique look with a slightly more rounded front end and a steeper windshield rake. Although Honda has opted to use the same structuring of the previous Ridgeline, we can see that it will still look significantly different and packed with many new features. The height of the Ridgeline will also be extended to provide more interior space.

The new Ridgeline will gain better fuel economy ratings thanks to Honda’s Variable Cylinder Management & available nine speed transmission. It also appears to have a wider and longer bed to haul various items. There is some speculation that the Ridgeline will be able to tow up to 6000lbs compared to the previous models at only 5000 lbs on four-wheel-drive models. Overall the new Ridgeline is something to look forward to. For those looking for a fuel efficient, versatile, 5 passenger pick-up look no further. The new Ridgeline is the truck for you. The only other question is whether or not you’re willing to wait 2 years for its debut. If you’re not that patient, Honda has introduced a new up level of the 2014 Ridgeline SE to close out production. The 2014 Ridgeline SE is defined by its stock 18 inch black spoke wheels and black honey comb style grill. If you can’t wait for the 2016 or possibly 2017 model, the 2014 Ridgeline SE may fit your fancy.